Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Help Wanted: Hines Plumbing

Hines Plumbing ...these guys are like a good (not great) relationship; the end result is satisfying but you might be doing most of the calling! Jack the owner is very upfront about cost which is helpful if you are on a tight budget like we are. We have called them for a number of issues from a leaking sink to a flooding basement. I have had to call a few times to confirm appointment times or even get them to come out but since we have a relationship already I haven't given up and called someone else. Persistence here seems to get me the guy in the end, right? But I'm paying them...wow, lots of joke potential there right?

My only true disappointment was when they assessed the front water and sewer lines needed to be replaced they didn't warn us what the yard would look like when they were through. Destroyed. War torn. Embarrassing. Sure, they tried to do a bit with the dirt pile and spread some grass seed after I asked, but they sure aren't landscapers! I almost cried and I'm not a crier. I would suggest they thoroughly prepare homeowners so they can budget in the cost of fixing the yard afterwards...maybe even link up with a landscaper to pass businesses on to.

One of the Hines guys also told me my water delivery pipe from the city water was still lead but wasn't supposed to be. I was so grateful he let me know. He suggested I call the city and ask them to replace it. Since lead is most harmful to children and pregnant women you can imagine I might have considered getting hysterical. I stayed cool and called the city and they said they were treating the water to protect it from lead pipes. I said I didn't care and was still uncomfortable with that. They were in front of my house within a week tearing up the street to replace the pipes...THAT was great customer service and I didn't pay a dime!

Interesting note-Hines Plumbing is only three guys! The shiny trucks and excellent marketing (have you seen the toilet signs???) make it look like a large company so I was very impressed with the marketing campaign.

To carry on with the relationship analogy; using Hines Plumbing is kind of like dating a snappy dresser who sometimes brings you dinner ingredients but then you still have to cook it yourself! Hines Plumbing....I like 'em, just be ready to keep calling them.


  1. Always room for improvement....thanks for bringing this to mt attention.... And thanks for calling us back a few times after the sewer linr replacement ...we appreciate the business!

  2. Glad this helps Jack, I would have sent you a link if you were on FB so enjoy social media more! Thanks for your latest work on the homestead.