Friday, May 20, 2011

Help FOUND: Bayerischer Hof, Germany

This story is from my friend Sara from her trip to Germany. This is real "Raving Fan' service.

As a matter of fact I do have a Customer Service story. While in Munich earlier this month I stayed at the BAYERISCHER HOF. I slept in the first morning. When I finally got down to the lobby it was beyond the breakfast hours. I asked the Concierge where we might find a coffee at this time of day. He named a coffee house on the town square. As I looked blank he whipped out at map to show me where to go, Then he said "No. It is too complicated. My colleague will show you. Also, as they might be busy at this time, I'll call to get you a table." So he called and his colleague,Tina, took us to the door. I thought she would point us on our way. But NO. She began walking with us, down the street for two blocks, then across a sweet little park, turned right, across this new street and on a few buildings, in the door, into the elevator, up to the "first" floor and in the door. Tina took us the the hostess and introduced us as the hotel's American guests. When the hostess greeted us, Darling Tina wished us a good coffee and took off back to the hotel.

That is good German service. PS, We had our coffee and then delayed over it and a delicious pastry until it was lunch time. Lunch was superb.

Oh Sara! What a wonderful story and customer service experience. Finding people who truly care about the customer is so rare and priceless. What I love most about this story is that you would have been satisfied at any point during your interactions, even if the concierge giving you the coffee shop's name was the end of the story. The fact that both employees went so far to ensure your satisfaction in someone else's product reflects well on them as employees of the hotel and as good hearted people in their daily lives. Thank you so much for sharing Sara.

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