Thursday, May 14, 2009

Help FOUND: Udder Covers and Mothering Magazine

I was visiting the web site for Mothering Magazine and saw a promotion for Udder Covers where they offered free nursing covers, hilariously named "Udder Covers" if you simply go to the site, enter the promo code "onefree" and pay about $8.00 shipping. I ordered one to give as a gift to a girlfriend who is expecting. I already have a 'Hooter Hider" from another vendor and I probably paid $28 on sale for it. For those of you who are beyond confused at this point, allow me to explain that a nursing cover is basically a HUGE APRON you wear over you and your nursing offspring which protects any modesty you may care to have and (hopefully) keeps you from being harassed for feeding your baby in public. It is an indispensable item for a nursing mama and I strongly recommend them to everyone. (Thank you to my friend for recommending it for me in the first place- Ila, you are AWESOME!)

I was very impressed with this company just giving away a valuable item in order to support what they believe. After I ordered my free Udder Cover Tuesday night I spent a bit more time on the site and found additional items I wanted to order. I sent an email asking if my additional items could be added to my cover order in order to save shipping costs. I was delighted to get a phone message from Jenny (the Owner!) Wednesday morning on both my cell and home phones. She was very warm, friendly and accommodating. She said they could add the items to my first order and could I call back to verify details.

I called back to square away the details. I then asked Jenny more about how they came to give away a $30 item for free. She explained they wanted to encourage women to breastfeed since it is so healthy for the babies. Jenny also said they had a lot of stock and felt it was a good use for it. She even added value by explaining the covers are a great lightweight material perfect for nursing in the coming summer months. She was 'selling' a free item to me! This is AMAZING customer service in my book. Thank you Mothering Magazine and Milk Bands for making a positive impact professionally and personally, I am a Raving Fan!

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