Friday, July 15, 2011

Help Found: Kashi Foods

My dog Steve was decidedly pleased when I got the mail today. This is a picture of him with a Kashi TLC Pita Crisp. We got a WHOLE BOX OF CRACKERS in the mail today!!! Yippee! (Note: some of my friends get free beds, trips, cards and clothes....but I have to say I am pretty stoked with free snack foods! (My caboose isn't this...*ahem*...luxurious from salads y'all!)

I LOVE all things Kashi. We have eaten most every cereal, cracker and cereal bar they put out. We signed up online to get the newsletter and any freebie surprises. I have received free coupons for anything they offer a coupon for, along with four or five additional $1.50 coupons for my friends. I always sometimes share them with my actual friends. Never have I received a whole real full size box in the mail from them. (Perfect with a Three Floyd's beer!) I don't know if they are all that different from their awesome TLC "Tasty Little Cracker" line, but they sure are awesome. Of course, they should come in cheddar.

Kashi offers excellent customer service in both their culture and marketing campaigns. Their website, packaging and branding is very clear in what they are offering and how much they value their customers. For example, I already buy their food and they keep sending me generous coupons. Their products are not only (truly) healthy and made of real food, but they feel friendly too. Can a cracker or cereal feel friendly? You betcha. My pita crackers are a'smilin' at me right now, gotta go eat 'em now...Steve the dog only gets that one. I wonder if I can hide them from should share them with my husband and daughters?

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