Friday, June 24, 2011

Help FOUND: Sally's Beauty Supply

I am a fake redhead. I've been a fake redhead for about 20 years and most every month of those years I have colored it red my very own self. I love salon color and know it is better in every way, but I just rarely have the budget for it when I know I can do a fair second for so much less. I have even tried beauty school color but it is just too hit or miss for me. Besides, I can color my hair in my own bathroom as my two bitty kidlets sleep instead of hiring a sitter and scheduling everything to go to have it colored by professionals. So I slack.

Recently I gawked at a beauteous head of red red red hair as we dropped our kids off at the YMCA to go work out. I said, "Please tell me that is not natural, and then tell me where you get it done!" The pretty lady laughed and said, "Actually I work at a salon, Vanis, here in Valparaiso." We talked and I struggled not to ask to touch her red hair like I did before when I had hair lust."

I plan to check Vanis out for my next haircut, but I still cannot seem to budget fifty bucks or more for color. For some reason this exchange with the firey faux redhead jogged my memory that I could buy professional hair color to use at home at Sally Beauty Supply! I also remember the only other time I bought hair color from Sally Beauty Supply I ended up with purple hair my first year in college! I now know not to do the violet reds. I was young then. I got very excited and couldn't wait to get in there and see what they had to offer.

On June 6 about 6:00pm a friend dropped me off to pick my car up from the mechanic and I decided to run a "quick kid free" errand to Target since my husband was home with the kids. Then of course I decided to "quickly" pop into Sally's and look at their color. I was trying to hurry and wasn't sure if I would get what I needed before my husband had to call to see if I was ever coming home.

The clerk Kirsten greeted me and asked if I needed help. Did I ever! I quickly babbled all of my information out and she easily and happily helped me find everything I needed in a super fast amount of time. I also asked about color depositing shampoos since red fades quickly and we have hard water to boot. She guided me to the shampoos but then mentioned her boss used a hair glaze when she was a redhead. She went to wherever that was and grabbed a tube to show me...I have no idea where she got it from because she did all the questing. It looked perfect (and cheaper than the shampoo & conditioner I would have purchased)

Shopping at Sally's and being helped by Kirsten actually felt like my gal pal and I were shopping together, not a clerk offering customer service! I was very pleased with Kirsten's customer service...she helped me with everything I needed and did it FAST. As you can see from my hair color drama I needed help, and I found it!

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