Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Help FOUND: Michael's Craft Store

Help Found: Michael's Craft Store
By Heather Curlee Novak

We moved to Valparaiso a year ago, but the basement and garage look like we have yet to unpack. Among the little often overlooked chores were several art pieces I had purchased over the years but never framed or hung up. One inspired morning (After six years or longer per piece.) I finally drug out all that needed to be framed in our home.

My previous professional framing experience was Hobby Lobby, which I love, but everything always cost fifty dollars. Three small things framed: fifty dollars. One poster framed: fifty dollars. And it took two trips because I had to go back and pick up my completed pieces a week or two later. Which now meant hauling tiny tots in with me and carrying them and my work out again. So you may see my reluctance to take four items in to Michael's to get them framed. I towed along my sleeping infant and charming two year old to finally get this nagging "to do" TO DONE!

Megan S. whom I later discovered is the Frame Department Manager helped me. I explained that cost was a concern, but shared what I was looking for in terms of style and size. She deftly escorted me to several locations to find their selection of frames that would fit my pieces without needing a custom fit or the cost of a custom fit. She also showed the frames that were on sale...cha ching! When I found a rustic wood frame and asked her to help me find glass and backing for it, She came through again. Megan showed me a comparable frame for much less and everything was together already. This was much better for me, because let's be honest, when am I going to find or make time to piece the frame parts together myself?

Megan even trimmed two pictures down for me to help fit them better in the pre made frames for a couple of bucks. All in all I spent less than thirty minutes and less than $45 for all four items. I complimented Megan and told her I planned to write about her awesome customer service. That is when she said she was the department manager. I can see she earns her position there, and I won't be surprised when someone tries to hire her to even bigger and better work. Thank you Megan, for caring about me, and for caring about what your work says about you. Frame on!

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