Thursday, March 24, 2011

Help Found and Wanted: Blackbird Cafe, Valparaiso IN

We moved to Valparaiso, IN almost one year ago and have delighted in checking out a variety of edibles available here. We live downtown so walking is our favorite option to access the charming and delicious downtown square's abundance of foodie indulgences. Last night my hubby and I had a walking date night. We strolled all over looking at houses, talking about our two Peeps and life in general.

We ended up at Blackbird Cafe on Lincolnway for a cup of the black stuff and a sugar indulgence. It was not my first visit. The first few times I went for anything from a breakfast sandwich to a piece of pie for breakfast. I was always pleased with the results but grew to expect SLOW service if I ordered anything that needed to be made. I realized the service wasn't slow because they thought a lot of themselves, so I was OK with it. All staff was pleasant and helpful and the quality of the food made it worth the wait. The shining gem of this place I learned while on the phone with the owner is that they make everything there. What a satisfying bit of knowledge! Of course, I could also have read the "Made from scratch" note on their website...duh!

I've noshed on vegetable pot pie that had thick buttery crust, snarfed the best pumpkin pie EVER(for breakfast...I was prego at the time) chewed through a juicy chicken pesto panini and as of last night, food orgasmed my way through a butter cookie dipped in chocolate that was everything I ever wanted in a cookie. And I want A LOT out of my cookies since I am not eating sugar very often lately. I'd love to see food delivered a bit faster for meals, but I'll be smiling as I wait. Thank you, Thank you Blackbird Cafe.


  1. I will be sure to stop by here the next time I am in Valpo!

  2. I need to go there. I've only ordered an iced tea there. Why don't we meet up sometime? I think I need that pot pie thing soonish.