Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Help FOUND: Uptown Kitchen, Alyssa

Yesterday the hubby and I headed to Uptown Kitchen for breakfast. It is such an inviting place to eat with fresh food and lots of healthy options. We don't choose the healthy options, but we are glad they are there.

The host was a pleasant guy who didn't offer us a highchair even though we had our baby with us in an infant carrier. It was no big deal to us, I made myself at home and went to get one. He saw me do this as he hustled through the kitchen running food and smiled sheepishly. I was so happy to be out to breakfast that I really didn't mind, but someone else might.

Our server was Alyssa, though I am probably not spelling it right (I'm sorry!). She was an almost perfect waitress. Alyssa was warm, friendly and thorough. She was elegant and professional and smiled a genuine smile. I really appreciated how polished she was but I did get the feeling that she was this way with everyone every time. That is of course an excellent quality in customer service, but I didn't feel special...that is the only reason I didn't say she was perfect! (I am one of those quirky people who wants to connect with everyone around me like a five year old standing on the sidewalk saying "Hi, I'm Heather, what is your name?" to perfect strangers.)

Our food was excellent and when we were leaving she still had not gotten back for a coffee refill so she offered a to go cup as a nice save. We were both tickled with that and took her up on it. My husband actually handed me the customer survey card to fill out and even he wanted to overtip her...we were that happy. We had a wonderful breakfast, enjoyed her service and I just wanted to say THANK YOU ALYSSA!!!

HELP FOUND: Sephora, University Park Mall

I like to stink good: I LOVE good perfume and I prefer to only use one flavor as a signature scent. For five years (or fifteen, who's counting?) I wore Estee Lauder "Beautiful" like everyone else on the face of the planet. Then for the past six years it has been Jean Paul Gaultier in that sexy female-in-a-bustier bottle. My life has changed dramatically this year and I am ready for a new signature scent to celebrate it. I'm picky about fragrance and it does funny things when I wear it, so I need to wear it for a few days to tell if it will work on me long term. I have returned many a bottle of perfume I thought I loved after only a week of wearing it.

A few weeks ago (or a month, who's counting?) I went to Sephora to shop for a new perfume. Sephora is awesome for customer service because they will not only give you perfume samples, but they give them to you in spray bottles so you can actually apply it in the normal manner instead of rubbing yourself like a cat against a paper sample or spilling the liquid vial all over your feet while trying to get a few drops out to try on. Maddening. So Sephora is where I shop for my perfume whims.

I believe it was on July 2nd early evening when I visited store #212 at University Park Mall and chatted with Jack who has helped me several times. He is so pleasant and engaging and interested in helping me. I know I am a pain and I really appreciate that he knows this but still treats me like his favorite customer without being fake or cheesy. That is true professionalism.

We took the computerized fragrance quiz, he listened to my long boring story about becoming a mom, what I have tried and or worn for the past twenty years, yada yada yada. He gave me several suggestions, we smelled too many stinks and he sent me home with four vials to try. All of the samples were wonderful, none of them something I would have tried without Jack's help. I ended up purchasing Bulgari's Essential Rose with delight and just want the world (or the three people who read my blog, who's counting?) to know Jack is a great example of the kind of customer service we should all expect and appreciate.

p.s. Jack, after wearing this great new stink for two months, I am now ready to go back to my old flame Gaultier...see you soon!