Thursday, July 9, 2009

Help FOUND: Times Square Restaurant

We checked out the new restaurant by the airport for you! (I know, another food review...I swear this isn't a food critic blog hiding inside a customer service blog) I want to share our wonderful experience at Times Square Restaurant on Lincolnway across from the South Bend airport. You can see their menu via their other location under "Bravo Cafe" here.

The first thing I noticed was they had environmentally savvy florescent bulbs in their outdoor know the twisty kind we are all supposed to be buying. I also really liked the landscaping outside of the restaurant. It is unlikely you spend a lot of time hanging out on Lincolnway but it isn't the nicest part of town from a curb appeal standpoint. Their bright flowers, borders and raised beds make a difference.

Everyone was "opening week nice" so we started off well. They didn't have highchairs which was kind of odd for a family restaurant but they are getting some soon. It was fine, our baby bucket fit nicely in the comfy booth. The physical menu was probably created in house by the owners and looked kind of funky-not-cool to me, but the offerings on it were extensive and tempting. I don't care what the menu looks like if the food is yum and it was. They had all the standards you expect form a good family restaurant-pasta, red meat, sandwiches, breakfast all day and a good menu for the kiddos. Everything looked good and the prices seemed reasonable so we were glad we stopped in.

I had the gyros plate which came with a large Greek salad that had Greek olives, feta, red onions cucumbers, tomatoes and whole anchovies on it! There was tons of food with the Gryos meal plus a whole second plate for my yummy Greek potato and rice pilaf for just about eight bucks. Hubby had the half slab of ribs with a salad and baked potato for ten dollars. He was kind of afraid to see what the whole slab would have looked like there was so much food on his plate. (Did I mention he is a pretty serious eater with a big appetite?) We chatted happily about the great value for our carefully budgeted dollar. The waitress came back several times to check on us and an owner or hostess stopped over too.

You could tell they might have cut corners on little things like napkins and menu creation, but the food is the point right? We were very happy with the service, food and bang for our proverbial buck. I'm looking forward to checking out their breakfast options some time soon. Nice going Times Square!

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