Monday, June 22, 2009

Help FOUND: Milkbands FREEBIE Contest!

Win a useful & unique gift (my favorite combination!) for any nursing mother...also a fantastic shower gift. I'm offering THREE free milkband bracelets from "" and I'll even cover the postage for you.

I posted in May about Udder Covers from and the great service I received from them. Unfortunately I did not receive my package in a timely manner which surprised me. I called Jenny at their 800 number and left a message. She called back mortified and together we figured out it must have been a snafu at the Post Office. Jenny continued the great customer service streak by reshipping my order that day and including five milkband bracelets for me...super nice. I'm sharing like the thoughtful gal I am, of course.

To win, simply comment on this post with a customer service experience story I can share on the blog. It can be good or bad but must be truthful and as detailed as possible. The first three stories win bracelets, all stories may be shared.

Good Luck!


  1. You're in luck - I just happen to have a story to share from as recent as yesterday. What should have been a quick trip to Sears turned into a two-hour long debacle. We went into the tool section to buy (you guessed it) a tool chest for my DH. He knew what he wanted but also needed to fiddle for a couple of minutes to confirm.

    After 20 minutes someone finally came to help him, but then once he had decided (10 minutes after that) it took another hour and half to complete a transaction. Because we had started working with one sales person, it appeared we couldn't be helped by another and the one who had helped us kept helping others and telling us "one more minute".

    When he was finally ready to help us, he took the numbers that we wrote down, but didn't double check them and it turns out I had gotten one of the items wrong. Regardless, the set we wanted was OUT OF STOCK, oh, and discontinued as well. They should have had a sign up saying no longer available or only the floor model available at this store.

    The sales person checked only 1 store in the area (because he had to call them, it wasn't available online) and they too were out.

    We started to leave and I began to rant to another sales person because I was extremely frustrated so he started talking to us.

    So with this new guy, we offered to buy the floor model, but they couldn't find the keys and the manager wasn't willing to figure out a way to sell us that one by giving us new key mechanisms.

    Since the floor model wasn't an option, the new sales person finally decided to check different store in the area and lo and behold, they had a new set in stock that we could pick up.

    So, we spent 2 hours on something that should have taken (tops) 30 minutes - most of which should have been my DH fiddling with each of the chests picking out the one he wanted.

    Needless to say, we will not be giving our money to that specific Sears store again.

  2. While I will not be using the milk bands any time soon as a 52 year-old child-free person, I love the idea of how they work and what an amazing common sense item! You go girl with your very cool idea to share these with your friends and other the way I do have a dear friend who is expecting a baby soon so maybe she would like one of these if I win :)

  3. While as a 52 year-old child-free woman I will not be using the milk bands any time soon, I do think that these are a very comon sense cool item :) And thank you Heather for sharing your extras with your friends and fellow bloggers, great idea! Oh and I do have a dear friend who is expecting a baby so it would be cool to share one with her if indeed I do "win" an extra in your sharing :)